10 Things top Realtors want you to know when selling your home

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  1. Top agents do their homework.  They know the market and they research homes in your  price range and style category carefully in order to help you price position your home competitively.  Not too high and not too low.



2.  The real estate market is dynamic, not static. The market changes, and sometimes it changes rapidly.  Your agent will keep you informed.


3.  Top agents want you to get the most money for your home.


4.They will be honest with you. They are willing to deliver news you may not want to hear because they have a fiduciary duty to you.  They want you to make the best decision for you and your family based on facts.


5. They will make sure to get feedback after showings not just for you, but for themselves, so they can discover how the market is responding to your home.


6.  They have to sell your home twice in order to sell it once. They have to get agents excited about your home so the agents will turn around and get their buyers excited.  Agents are the toughest to get excited.


7.Top agents work with qualified, ready to purchase buyers. They do not want to risk showing these buyers overpriced homes.


8.Buyers are looking for the best home in their category. They are not bargain hunters.  The best home will always stand out and be the next home to sell.


9. Your agent can provide staging expertise and assist you to price position your home to be the next home to sell.


10.Your home is in a beauty contest. Your home has 20 seconds to make that first impression. A top agent will help you create the most powerful visual impact possible both in person, when buyers enter your home, and with professional photography.


Tip:  Take a little time when interviewing an agent and ask lots of questions until you feel you have chosen the one that it right for you.

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