I need to downsize! But I dearly love my home!

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Many of our clients are downsizing and absolutely loving the results.


  One of the main barriers stopping people from choosing an easier lifestyle is that they LOVE their home of many years and can’t visualize themselves happier and better off anywhere else.

The next biggest barrier is “What will I do with all my stuff”?


These and other roadblocks loom large for many people.  So they talk themselves into staying put year after year.  A past client called me recently, saying “My home is too big now.  I’m stuck in my home and can’t go anywhere just trying to keep up.”  She’s in the process of thinking of a change, but not quite there yet.


However, the reality of actually moving forward and downsizing is much easier than it seems.  The last half dozen clients of ours did so and are totally thrilled with the results.  They are grateful they had the resolve to plunge ahead and that they allowed us to help guide them on their journey.  See our Testimonials and fun Video Reviews where our clients generously shared their stories.


Steven and I have had special training and have cultivated the steps and processes that assist people in smoothly making the transition to a smaller home, patio home, condo or senior living.  And it’s not just “young at heart seniors” who are downsizing.  People of all age groups seek to simplify their lives.


  TIP:   You can do it too.  Make a list of all the benefits you will enjoy by downsizing now.  Let your imagination soar.